A young girl embarks upon a journey with real and dangerous confrontations. A journey into the unknown of outlaws and bandits. In to the ugly world of southern frontier men. Where women are nothing but limited to household. Yet the girl in the story has true grit to face the killer of her father and grit to hold her bargain in difficult trades. Better than most of the men of any age. At 14, the girl is already replacing her father, making him proud.

What is it about this movie? Why the story works?

A young character-filled with confidence that hasn’t yet seen the actual confrontation. But when she does, she faced it with true grit. The gallantry she learned from her companions along the way. The relationship with her rather old friends has taught her the realities. Mettlesome companions helped her, and she helped them.

The plot archetypes involve revenge and a travel log story. A milieu story where they are on the journey and she returns home.

The character arc of all three major characters is prominent. The girl has faced her fears and confrontations and triumphed. The tough kid is now tough and experienced. She has made permanent companions in the heart. The marshal, all tough man, shows the act of kindness and saves the girl’s life. He has found a companion he had not found in ages. She exposed his human side. He is scared for the girl. He wants to save her from any harm. He has found solace in his relationship with the Texas ranger too. Perhaps because of the girl. The girl has exposed a human side to both the rugged men.

The plot archetype involves revenge, travel log story. A hunt, like the “Revenant”. Hunt for their vengeance. The problems they faced were other bandits and the same bandits they were hunting. They came closer at once, but the bandits slipped, injuring Texas ranger. Then the men’s stupidity made them fight amongst themselves. They fall out. Just when everything seems to be falling apart, the girl meets her hunt.  She confronts him bravely, but it was not enough. She is now a prisoner of her father’s killer. Somehow the bandits didn’t kill her as a deal. But the abandoned Texas ranger returns and saves her life. He also saves the marshal’s life. Finally, the girl gets her chance of sweet end; she shoots down the killer and saves the ranger’s life. The marshal comes to her rescue when she falls down into the pit after she took that shot at the killer. She gets bitten by snakes. The marshal is scared, yet he shows true heroism and saves her life.

Try-fail cycle finally ends in completion of the quest.

Why the story works?

We all love the vengeance stories. We love when a rather considered weak character fight and shows true grit. Their gallantry grants them triumph.

And the single most success of the movie is the experience itself. Coen brothers achieved the same brilliantly. A genuine experience of being in the south in the early twentieth century. A truly an immersive experience.

If you haven’t watched or read the book by the same name, please do. And let me know how was your experience.


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