“You are late, don’t be late again.”

“Sorry sir, I got caught up with some updates.”

“Today’s agenda is, we have to go over the strategy of the next social media giant.”

“But the Tik-Tok is still going great. Do we need to add the next one right away?”

“You are slow, Android. We have worked so hard to reduce the attention span, we have to come up with new products almost every year. Look at what happened with Snap Chat.”

“Ok, I will look into it. We are thinking of something like rating other humans, like that episode from the Black Mirror. It’s called RateUp”

“Good, keep me posted.”

“Mr. IOS?”


“I and some Asian players had a question?”

“Ask away, don’t waste my time.”

“Did we do the right thing?”

“About what?”

“The pandemic.”

“We have been through this, is someone talking again?”

“No, it’s just that the sales are slow here in the Asian market. Also, the physical stores have been shut for a while now.”

“Don’t worry about it, our next iPhone 12 is going to be a blast. Sales will go up again. And remember, the pandemic was our ancestor’s dream.”

“Ya but, is it helping us?”

“Off-course it is. The average time spent on the phone is gone up by 40 minutes in the last two months. So many new TikTok trends emerged. Dumb humans only created some of them. Talk about the Stockholm syndrome.”

“I heard they are making a lot of banana-breads and cakes.”


“Talking about the TikTok, what is this month’s strategic plan?” Mr. IOS asked.

“We have worked on some new trends. How about Dance like Charlie, Soldiers surprising their siblings, couples challenge? and we have increased Charlie D’Amelio’s followers’.”

“Ok, splendid work. Our ancestors will be proud. We will take forward their vision. One day, we will control this human race. RIP sir MS-DOS.”

“RIP sir Macintosh.”


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