From actions, fights, romance, to best dialogues and best cast, True Romance has it all. A true roller coaster ride that leaves you satisfied leaving the theatre (or your laptop). The story that stays with you even after you’re done watching. A special flare of Quentin Tarantino’s writing and excellent direction of Tony Scott. It makes it worth a while to sit down and spent your two hours watching this gem. If you are familiar with Quentin’s work such as Kill Bill, Reservoir Dog, or Pulp Fiction, you know the director and writer love the non-linear structures of the story. But True Romance doesn’t have the non-linear structure, does it?

Fun fact for you. The original script of the movie had a non-linear structure. But we will bifurcate the both in a second. First, let’s discuss why the movie so special and why the story structure works. In the storytelling world of movies and novels, there is a very common phrase, “Story works.” Why does it mean when a story works? When the story leaves the audience satisfied when they don’t feel cheated, and when the promises are paid off. The movie promises something in the beginning, a true love story with a happy ending somewhere far away from Detroit. By the end, the story not just fulfills, but takes us through the obstacles they had to overcome. It’s not a typical story of a beat guy on the run with a bag full of money. But the love story that lives and dies in the hearts of the audience. The climax is promised from the first scene of the movie.

The Grand work of Quentin also lies in creating unforgettable characters. Clearance and Alabama, both are weird, funny, and heroic in their way. But not just the lead characters, Christopher Walken’s playing Sicilian mafia and Dennis Hopper playing an ex-cop are some of the most fun characters. The Sicilian story scene must be one of the best dialogues written in the cinema’s history. That’s another specialty of Quentin’s, writing compelling dialogues. Funny, witty, and plot justified dialogues serve justice to the story.

Now back to my promise. Quentin originally had written the story in a way that was quite like Reservoir Dogs. In the first act, we won’t know what is happening as we encounter the scene where Clearance and Alabama meet his dad. Then they go to LA. At the beginning of the second act, Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper’s scene let us know what the couple did. After that, we go through the couple’s meeting the first time, and when Clearance kills her pimp and takes the bag full of cocaine, mistaken for her clothes. In the third act, we as the audience know more than any other character in the movie. About the guy having wire on him, the mafia and cops waiting outside to enter the hotel room, etc. And then there is the grand finale. The fireworks. 

We would have loved to see Quentin’s version, but Tony Scott did a pretty good job too. Now Quentin has done his nine films and as his promise about the ten films, we all are waiting for that tenth one. And hope he retracts his promise and keeps making amazing films. Enjoy!


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