Ever since the PUBG came out, everyone is madly in love with the genre. You start with flying out of a plane, land somewhere productive, find guns and magazines, kill a bunch of people, and survive till the end. The last man standing will be the winner. You can play it in teams as well. The genre differs from the conventional, in many ways. No more mandatory story missions, no more launching cows in the air, no more just waiting for a gas tanker in Far Cry 5, or climbing towers in other Far Cry 3, just get right to the business. Kill others! That’s why we play the game most of the time, don’t we? 

Let’s quickly cover the updates of CODM (Call Of Duty Mobile), shall we?. CODM announced new updates recently, which will hit the servers by next week. They will be playable by May 1st. The update includes new maps, new modes, the competition announcement, and bug fixes. New maps will include COD: Modern warfare layouts, so it will give us deja vu. The new modes include, “Kill Confirmed”, “Capture the Flag”, and one-versus-one game. 

Activision also announced more information regarding the CODM world championship 2020, which will kick off with the first qualifier round on 30th April. The collective price of the competition will be 1 million. Yippee-ki-yay!  Bugs such as Black screen crashes, latency relate issues, and AK-47 jade reward missing, also have been addressed. 

Which one is the best? 

Every battle royale game brings something unique to the table. Still, every player prefers one over the other. There are some parameters such as the beginning, gameplay, maps, updates, gun system, revival system, damage, graphics, aesthetics, comfortability, and vehicles with which we can compare these bad boys. In the end, it depends on the gamer’s perspective. Everyone enjoys the unique gameplay they offer. 

The basic mechanics of these games are the same. After all, the main common element in each of them is the battle royale play. For now, we are keeping the discussion on the mobile platform. PUBG is the old legend. Then came the CODM and Fortnite. In PUBG you get nothing as you land. On the other hand, you get a knife and some skill in CODM and the wrecking hammer in Fortnite to farm. 

Let’s talk about the gameplay, one of the most important factors that make any game so immersive. As you land in PUBG, in most cases, you get enough time to collect and upgrade the guns. You will roam around for 15–20 minutes sometime without seeing another soul. Ones that circle starts closing in, then the real hunger game starts. But in CODM, the game speed is faster, relatively. You will find guns and ammo very easily and you will bump into other players more often. So the action speed is there. In Fortnite, you get an ax and you start farming. So even if you don’t find the best gun right out of the gate, you can still put on a decent defense. The building gameplay of Fortnite makes all the difference. We can use it for better self-defense, making the game not all about guns. Making houses with your team, building traps, and better combat strategy, really makes the game extra immersive. But, which one user prefers totally depends on an individual. Some players prefer the tension and excitement that builds in the PUBG, and some prefer the action right away.  

 Let’s talk about the next very important factor, the Gun systems

The gun systems are unique in all three games. PUBG and CODM both have similar looking guns, though the systems are a little different. PUBG has taken a more realistic approach where you need the practice to get a hang of it. Bullets in PUBG not only take a flight time, but it also takes a trajectory. Making it harder to get a perfect shot. CODM does not take up the trajectory, but it takes the flight time. Also, CODM’s sniping is more lethal than the other two. CODM has an automatic shoot option, but there is so much recoil to the SMGs it makes it harder to hit the target even in near sight. In Fortnite, only sniper bullets take flight time, so if you are in near sight and you shoot with automatic rounds accurately, the other player will definitely die. Fortnite has very cool and unrealistic guns. It makes it innovative and fun to play around. Boogie bomb, grappling gun, the guided missile, pumpkin launcher, I mean even the names are funny. A tip, you can throw in guided missiles and use the grappling gun to basically fly around. Checkmate spider man, I don’t even need buildings. 

Maps and Updates: 

PUBG has a huge map, thus making the game last longer. Fortnite’s map is smaller but very dynamic. PUBG and CODM maps look similar from a realistic point of view. Though, the CODM map is more crowded. Some CODM maps are inspired by the other COD PC games. Gives Deja Vu while playing. In the CODM, more items are smashable as compared to PUBG. Fortnite map is made of mixed terrains, which gives a different gaming experience in unfamiliar terrain. It doesn’t just end there, Fortnite has cinematic themes, online concerts, rocket launches, fumes, zombies, lava. So there is always something new coming up in Fortnite. And almost everything is smashable. Fun!

Even regarding the updates, Fortnite is more dynamic than the other two. PUBG’s update sometimes involves new skin, costumes, and outfits, etc. CODM is a more straight-laced, combat-oriented game. Fortnite also comes up with new avatars, costumes, new modes,  parachutes, and much more.  

Comfortability is a very important factor to gain a user base. PUBG is a little harder game to master at the start, with understanding each gun and getting used to the flight time and trajectory. Fortnite could also be a little frustrating since we could play with pro’s right in the beginning. It takes some time to master the building mechanism for defense in the beginning. But in CODM, you play with your own level players in each stage, so it gives you some game time to improve the tricks. 

Even though the CODM is new, PUBG has its own good old fan base. CODM can enjoy the hype and shine, but in the long run, we can’t say who will prevail. Fortnite also covers a huge user base and will continue to do so in the coming time. It’s always intriguing to hear about new Fortnite updates. I guess it depends on the player to choose one of all. Some prefer the longer excitement of PUBG and some prefer 15 minutes of quick rallies of Fortnite. 


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